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Grooming Services

We offer a variety of grooming services and levels meet your needs.


Includes an individually chosen shampoo based on a skin and coat assessment, a warm HydroSurge massaging bath, a tearless, blueberry oatmeal facial scrub to alleviate tear stains and eye debris, and a velocity dryer blow out and fluff dry, a nail trim, anal gland expression, and ear cleaning. Yes, we give Flea Baths! ​*Price based on breed, size, and coat.
Excessive shedding? We can help! We use Furminator Deshedding Shampoo and Solution to help reduce excess shedding by releasing the undercoat during bathing. Our high velocity dryer continues to blow this undercoat, and we finish by raking the coat with the Furminator tool. *Price based on breed, size, and coat.

Includes all elements of a bath, ear hair pulling, plus a custom haircut based on a discussion with your groomer.

Light Groom is neatening up by trimming feathers, tail, feet, and face.

Full Groom is an all-over haircut on body, legs, feet, tail, and face (regardless of length cut). ​*Price based on breed, size, and coat. ​

Royal Dog Package (add on - $20)

A deluxe package added on to a bath or a haircut service, and includes the following:

•Deep Coat Conditioner

•Nail Filing

•Teeth Brushing

•Breath Spray

•Paw Pad Moisture Treatment

•Bow or Bandana

A la Carte Services
  • Nail Clip ($9)
  • Nail Filing (using a Dremel) ($12)
  • Anal Gland Expression ($6)
  • Teeth Brushing ($7)
  • Paw & Pad Trim ($8)
Shampoo Choices
  • Cherry Blossom Whitening & Brightening
  • Apple Oatmeal
  • Lemongrass Tea Tree Oil 
  • Platinum Plum
  • Cranberry Essence
  • Natural Flea & Tick
  • Citrus Mint Deodorizing
  • Skin Therapy Anti-bacterial/Anti-Fungal
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